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Staff Profile

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw

BSS; MA(Dublin); DPhil (York)

Associate Director, Social Policy Research Unit


Social Policy Research Interests

  • Social security policy
  • Family policy
  • Poverty and living standards
  • Comparative social policy
  • Demography and social policy
  • Well-being of children


Social Policy Advisory and Consultative Positions


Jonathan Bradshaw's social exclusion and poverty research projects


Jonathan Bradshaw's Publications

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Family benefits and EU migrants, 2016
Bradshaw, J., University of York, 2 pages.
How Generous are UK Benefits?, 2016
Bradshaw, J., Are UK benefits attracting migrants?, University of York, 3 pages.

Child poverty and child well-being, 2015
Bradshaw, J., pp. 62-64 in Foster, L., Brunton, A., Deeming, C. and Haux, T. (eds.) In Defence of Welfare 2, Policy Press.
Child poverty and child well-being in international perspective, 2015
Bradshaw, J., pp. 59-70 in Fernandez, E., Zeira, A., Vecchiato, T. and Canali, C. (eds.) Theoretical and Empirical Insights in Child and Family Poverty: Cross national perspectives, Springer.
Need for clarity on the living wage and family benefits, 2015
Bradshaw, J., SPSW blog, 14 July 2015, Department of Social Policy and Social Work.
Subjective well-being and social policy: can nations make their children happier?, 2015
Bradshaw, J., Child Indicators Research, 8, 1, 227-241.
The erosion of the UK safety net, 2015
Bradshaw, J., Discover Society, 3 January 2015.
The United Kingdom, 2015
Bradshaw, J., pp. 355-366 in The 2015 Pension Adequacy Report: Current and future income adequacy in old age in the EU: Country Profiles - Volume II, European Commission.
Tinkering with how we measure child poverty won't help end it, 2015
Bradshaw, J., The Conversation, 25 June 2015.
The outcomes of the crisis for pensioners and children, 2015
Bradshaw, J. and Chzhen Y., Belgian Review of Social Security, 2015, 1, 37-50.
The non uprating of child benefits - impact on poverty gaps, 2015
Bradshaw, J. and Judge, L., North East Child Poverty Commission Blog, May 2015, North East Child Poverty Commission.
Child Poverty in the North East Region: A Report for the North East Child Poverty Commission, 2015
Bradshaw, J. and Mayhew, E..
ESPN Thematic Report on Social Investment: United Kingdom, 2015
Bradshaw, J., Glendinning, C., Maynard, A. and Bennett, F..
The Good Childhood Report 2015, 2015
Pople, L., Rees, G., Main, G. and Bradshaw, J..
Children's Worlds National Report England, 2015
Rees, G., Main, G. and Bradshaw, J..

Biggest council spending cuts in North East in areas with highest child poverty, 2014
Bradshaw, J., North East Child Poverty Commission Blog, 9th May 2014, North East Child Poverty Commission.
Child poverty targets will be missed, and austerity is to blame, 2014
Bradshaw, J., The Conversation, 11 June 2014.
Children hit hardest by global recession, 2014
Bradshaw, J., The Conversation, 28 October 2014.
Ed Balls risks pushing more families into poverty with child benefit plan, 2014
Bradshaw, J., The Conversation, 23 September 2014.
Overview: Social policies and child well-being, 2014
Bradshaw, J., volume 5, chapter 103, pp. 2921-2943 in A. Ben-Arieh, F. Casas, I. Frones and J.E. Korbin (eds.) Handbook of Child Well-Being: Theories, methods and policies in global perspective, Springer.
Pobreza y bienestar infantiles / Poverty and child welfare, 2014
Bradshaw, J., Panorama Social, 20, 23-36.
Tackling child poverty: the coalition is measuring up badly, 2014
Bradshaw, J., The Guardian, 'Comment is free' blog , 28th February 2014, The Guardian.
The Fast Implementation of Devolved Responsibility for Social Security in the UK, 2014
Bradshaw, J., European Social Policy Network Flash Report, European Commission, 6 pages.
Trouble ahead as UK carves up welfare budget, 2014
Bradshaw, J., The Conversation, 29 September 2014.
Wicks leak was a courageous act which saved child benefit, 2014
Bradshaw, J., The Conversation, 20 January 2014.
Investing in Children: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage: A study of national policies: Country report: United Kingdom, 2014
Bradshaw, J. and Bennett, F..
Decomposing child poverty reduction, 2014
Bradshaw, J. and Huby, M., European Journal of Social Security, 16, 1, 26-50.
How many working poor parents might be able to work more? , 2014
Bradshaw, J. and Main, G., SPRU blog, 19th March 2014, Social Policy Research Unit.
Water poverty in England and Wales: an update, 2014
Bradshaw, J. and Main, G., SPRU blog, 22 September 2014, Social Policy Research Unit.
Child benefit packages in the United Kingdom and Japan, 2014
Bradshaw, J. and Tokoro, M., Social Policy and Society, 13, 1, 119-128.

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