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Contribution to Book

Child poverty and deprivation Bradshaw, J. 2011 in J. Bradshaw (ed.) The Well-being of Children in the UK 3rd ed.
The Policy Press, Bristol
ISBN: 978-1-84742-836-3


The well-being of children is a vital and highly topical issue. This important new book is the third in a series and updates the findings from a wide range of data to evaluate the outcomes of the Labour government's policies for children. Edited by a highly regarded expert in the field, it uses a framework to compare policy areas, making it an excellent source book for researchers, policy makers and students.

Suggested citation

Bradshaw, J. (2011) Child poverty and deprivation, in J. Bradshaw (ed.) The Well-being of Children in the UK, 3rd ed., The Policy Press, Bristol, pp.27-52.

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