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The database enables searching of the entire slavery archive deposited in the Borthwick Institute. The Lascelles slavery archive represents an important section of the larger archive at West Yorkshire Archive Service, and seems to be a part of the business archive of Lascelles and Maxwell, the London commission house through which much of the Lascelles business was conducted.

All the documents can be seen at the Borthwick Institute. To order documents for research please use the reference code that appears in the section 'Record ID'; as the links between the two sections of the archive are fully explored new reference codes will be devised that fully reflect the linkages between the material at the Borthwick and the material at WYAS.

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3/41Letter of attorney of Lord Harewood to John Pilgrim1857Barbados: Attorneys: Other
3/58Deed of exchange of slaves between Lord Harewood and Mr Harding
[COMMENT: Slave named]
1825Barbados: Slave sales/exchanges
3/91Deed of exchange, Harewood & Spencer1824London Commission Merchants: General
3/22Bill of sale from Sarah Springer1824Barbados: Slave sales/exchanges
3/24 & 3|23Bill of slave sale from the Butchers with extract from slave register1823Barbados: Slave sales/exchanges
3/30Assignment: Went to Lord Harewood1817Went
3/81List of papers belonging to Lord Harewood1817General Administrative Papers
3/94List of papers kept at the Belle Estate and belonging to Lord Harewood1817Barbados: Belle Plantation
3/69Account Went to Lord Harewood1816-1817Went
3/17Letter of attorney from Lord Harewood to Richard Cobham to sell Cooper Hill Estate1813Barbados: Cooper Hill Plantation
3/75Account Elizabeth Beckles to Lord Harewood1808London Commission Merchants: Beccles Trust
Bdle 5 no. 11Release & Mortgage: Thomas Went to Lord Harewood1806Went
Bdle 5 no. 7Defeazance Lord Harewood to Thomas Went1806Went
3/34Lord Harewood to Went: counterpart of defeasance1806Went
3/116Counterpart of defeazance: Harewood to Drake1806Drake
3/43defeazance: Harewood to Drake1806Drake
Bdle 5 no. 4Articles of agreement between John Ince & Edward Lord Harewood1805One-off Account Papers
2/1 no. 2Letter to Captain Markham requesting a vessel from Barbados1803Barbados: General
2/3 no. 1Letter of John Blackburn to Lord Harewood asking to be one of his attorneys for his estates1803London Commission Merchants: General
2/2 no. 2Petition of planters of Tobago to British Government. Signed1803Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/1 no. 6Letter from agent to Lord Harewood concerning Tobago claims for compensation1803Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/11 3a & 3bLetter from John Sober to Lord Harewood concerning his reduced circumstances1802Sober
2/1 no. 7Copy of a letter of Thomas Willison to Lord Harewood concerning a claim on the estates of Richmond and Goodwood in Tobago1802Tobago: Richmond & Goodwood Pl.
2/8 nos 4a, 4b, 4cLetter to Lord Harewood enclosing a printed speech by the president to the assembly of Tobago concerning the 'discovery of a plot' amongst the Negroes and how this had been put down, 1802 and copies of witness statements from Negroes in a trial concerning the same plot1802Tobago: General
2/1 no. 8Letter to Lord Harewood from James Gordon concerning Tobago estates1802Tobago: General
Bdle 6 no. 9Notification of valuation of 2 lots of land in Bridge Town property of Lord Harewood
[COMMENT: Sizes of land given]
1802Barbados: Bridgetown
2/ LooseLetter from Lord Harewood to James Gooder concerning consignment of his estates1802London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
3/26Letter of attorney: Lord Harewood to John Cobham1802London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/11 no. 11Letter to Lord Harewood from John Cobham concerning estates in Barbados1802London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/6 no. 1J. Robley to Lord Harewood — request to see Lord Harewood1802London Commission Merchants: General
2/11 no. 5Copy of letter (on author or directions) concerning use of recipient's services abroad1802London Commission Merchants: General
2/3 no.6Letter in French to Lord Harewood concerning property in Tobago1802Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/6 no.15Letter to Lord Harewood concerning meeting of 'gentlemen of Tobago' in London1802Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/11 no. 6Letter to Lord Harewood concerning compensation for properties in Tobago1802Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/1 no. 11Letter of Thomas Willison to Lord Harewood: a memorial of Thomas Willison surviving planter formerly merchant of Tobago now in Dunkirk1802Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/3 2Copies of letters concerning the estates of Thomas Graham1801Graham
3/101Account/bill: Lord Harewood to Matthew Coulthurst1801One-off Account Papers
3/18Articles of agreement: Lord Harewood with William Sealey1801One-off Account Papers
2/3 no. 3Letter to Lord Harewood concerning debt owed to him1801General Administrative Papers
2/6 no. 14Letter of James Nurse to John Nelson concerning Kirton Estate1801Barbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/6 no. 9Letter concerning sale of Kirton plantation from W. Bishop to John Nelson1801Barbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/1 no. 3Letter from John Cobham to John Wood concerning Lord Harewood's Mount Estate1801Jamaica: Mount Plantation
2/11 no. 7Letter of Richard Cobham to Lord Harewood accepting Lord Harewood's power of attorney in Barbados1801Barbados: Attorneys: R. Cobham
2/1 no. 1Letter from Richard Cobham to John Nelson concerning affairs of Lord Harewood and management of his estates1801Barbados: Attorneys: R. Cobham
2/4 cLetter: Went to John Nelson concerning possibility of Lord Harewood selling estates1801Barbados: Attorneys: S. Went
2/2 no. 4Letter of John Nelson to Lord Harewood concerning possible sale of estates and debts owed to Lord Harewood1801London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/2 no. 46Letter to John Nelson concerning whether Lord Harewood intends to sell any estates in Barbados1801London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/2 no. 3Detailed report from John Nelson on Lord Harewood's estates in Barbados
[COMMENT: Including Holetown]
1801London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/6 no. 7Accounts to Samuel More1801London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/1 no. 4Letter of John Cobham to John Wood concerning Lord Harewood's power of attorney1801London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/6 nos 6 & 6aAccounts for Lord Harewood's attorneys1801London Commission Merchants: General
2/11 no.10Letter concerning establishment on continent for merchants of Tobago: William Manning to Lord Harewood1801Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/11 no. 8 & 9Pd letter concerning intention to establish firm of John Robery & Co in London (2 copies)1801Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/6 no.18Copy of French letter concerning Tobago1801Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/6 no. 4Printed letter to Lord Seaforth by Barbadians1801Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/10 1Letter to Lord Harewood concerning sale of land of late Tobias Frere
[COMMENT: T.F. said to be very indebted to Lord Harewood]
3/92Agreement between attorneys of Lord H. & Thomas Drake1800Drake
2/6 no. 18Details of instalments to be paid for Kirton plantation from 1800 to 1810 (by James Nurse to Lord Harewood)1800-1810Barbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/10 no. 4Letter of John Cobham concerning obtaining balance of Nurses' payment to Lord Harewood for Kirton plantation1800Barbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/13 no. 1Letter of Lord Harewood to Mr Prettyjohn concerning his claims in Tobago1800Tobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
2/10 no. 6Letter of Mr John Braithwaite to Lord Harewood concerning purchase of Fortescue Estate1800Barbados: Fortescue Estate
2/10 no. 3Letter of W. Bishop to John Wood concerning management of Lord Harewood's plantations1800Barbados: Attorneys: W. Bishop
2/10 no. 7Letter of John Nelson to Lord Harewood concerning estate management and sending two green turtles for Lord Harewood's table1800London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/6 no. 22To Lord Harewood concerning payment of mortgage1800London Commission Merchants: General
2/10 no. 5Letter of John Nelson to Lord Harewood concerning his plantations including those in Jamaica
[COMMENT: Lists all his plantations in all parts of the West Indies and deals with Rum production]
1800London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
3/102Fragment of case involving John & James Grassett1799Grassett
2/13 no. 2Lord Harewood to Gedney Clarke concerning land purchase1799Clarke, Gedney
2/14 no. 6Debts to and from the estate of Edwin Lord Harewood1799General Administrative Papers
3/136Covering letter to John Cobham with recital concerning plantation called the Thicket1799Barbados: Thicket Plantation
2/10 no. 2Offer to Lord Harewood to purchase Kirton Plantation1799Barbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/6 no. 27James Nurse to Lord Harewood concerning Kirton Estate1799Barbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/12 no. 5Letter of Lord Harewood to Mr Prettyjohn concerning his claim on Tobago estates1799Tobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
2/5 no. 2Letter to Lord Harewood from John Prettyjohn concerning case1799Tobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
3/5 no. 3Letter from Mitchell to Lord Harewood concerning Richmond & Goodwood crop1799Tobago: Richmond & Goodwood Pl.
2/12 no. 3Letter of Mr Petrie to Lord Harewood concerning his power of attorney on Tobago1799Tobago: General
2/11 no. 1Letter from Mr Cuthbert (Lord Harewood's attorney in Jamaica) to Mr Nelson on Jamaican affairs1799Jamaica: General
3/87Lord Harewood to Edwin Jordan counterpart of sale of land in Bridgetown1799Barbados: Bridgetown
2/5 no. 9Letter of William Bishop to Lord Harewood's attorneys concerning arrival of Lord Harewood's goods in Barbados and assessment of his sugars1799Barbados: Attorneys: W. Bishop
2/5 no. 4Letter of W. Bishop and John Cobham concerning estate management and offer of purchase of two estates1799Barbados: Attorneys: W. Bishop
2/6 no. 26W. Bishop to Lord Harewood concerning product and economy of plantations1799Barbados: Attorneys: W. Bishop
2/5 no. 5Letter of John Nelson to John Wood concerning offers for 2 of Lord Harewood's estates1799London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/5 no. 6Letter of Isaac Williamson to John Nelson concerning finance and estates1799London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/5 no. 7Letter of John Nelson to Lord Harewood concerning income for estates1799London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/12 no. 2Letter of J. Nelson to John Cobham concerning former's property in Barbados1799London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/12 no. 4Letter of Mr Nelson to Lord Harewood concerning money & affairs in Barbados1799London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/5 no. 8Letter of John Nelson to Lord Harewood concerning his work on the trust of Mrs Beckles' estate1799London Commission Merchants: Beccles Trust
2/12 no. 1Letter from John Cobham to Lord Harewood concerning former going to Barbados1799London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/7 nos 5& 6Copy of letter to Pitt (No author stated) concerning duty on sugar, 1800, with note of average price of sugar 17991799-1800London Commission Merchants: General
2/5 no. 10Memorandum concerning sugar production for the year1799London Commission Merchants: General
2/5 no. 11Letter from W. Bishop to John Nelson concerning estate administration but particularly an attempt to buy a Negro girl from Lord Harewood's Belle Estate
[COMMENT: Suggestion is that this sale was for nefarious purposes]
1799Barbados: Belle Plantation
2/5 no. 1aLetter of John Cobham to John Wood concerning crop planting in Barbados
[COMMENT: Some Harewood estates and possibly about sale of Harewood Pilgrim plantation]
1799London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
Bdle 8 no. 1Assignment by Blenman to Lord Harewood1798Blenman
Bdle 5 no. 2Release of Equity of Walwyn's plantation Blenman & Blenman to Lord Harewood1798Blenman
2/7 no. 1Letter from Gedney Clarke to Lord Harewood asking to purchase land he holds1798Clarke, Gedney
2/6 no. 17b & aNotes on petition by Francis Cawley Boson concerning supposed illegal sequestration of his estate 1798 and covering letter from F. Boson1798One-off Account Papers
2/9 no. 5Account of insurances on houses in London belonging to Lord Harewood1798General Administrative Papers
3/35List of specialties delivered to Lord Harewood's attorneys1798General Administrative Papers
Bdle 5 no. 10Release of equity of the Mount and Kirton Plantations, from Blenman to Lord Harewood1798Barbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/9 no. 1Sketch of contingencies for Williamsfield Plantation part paid1798Jamaica: Williamsfield Plantation
2/14 no. 5List of balances from the books of Lord Harwood for Jamaican affairs1798Jamaica: General
2/9 no. 2Letter to Lord Harewood from John Nelson concerning accounts & sugar1798London Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/8 no. 1Letter from Mary Taylor Morris concerning the estate of Elizabeth Beckles held in trust1798London Commission Merchants: Beccles Trust
2/9 nos 4 & 7Copy of letter to attorneys from Lord Harewood concerning Lord Harewood's dissatisfaction with the management of his affairs in Barbados, Jamaica and Tobago and reply to same from attorney1798London Commission Merchants: General
2/6 no.2Articles of agreement: Samuel Carpenter and Lord Harewood concerning trade in Tobago1798Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/9 no. 3Copy of Lewis Cuthbert's Letter to Mr Elliot concerning sale of land1797London Commission Merchants: Elliot
2/4 no. 3Governor's answer to requests for a seat on the Council board at Barbados for John Cobham1797London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/4 no. 4Lord Harewood's request for a seat on the Council board at Barbados for John Cobham1797London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/11 no. 4Income note — sugar & ?rum1797London Commission Merchants: General
2/4 no. 1Extract of letter from Governor Rickett to John Braithwaite1797London Commission Merchants: General
2/14 no. 4List of debts due from Estate of Edwin Lord Harewood to Messrs Lascelles & Maxwell1796General Administrative Papers
3/115Copy of an agreement Lord Harewood & Daniel Lascelles for purchase of part of plantation in Barbados called Holetown1796Barbados: Hole Town
2/11 no. 12Letter of Mr Skand (CHECK) to Lord Harewood asking more time to pay money for Clarke's account in Grenada1796Grenada: General
2/4 no. 2Letter of Duke of Portland to Lord Harewood concerning a seat on the Council board at Barbados for John Cobham1796London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
Bdle 5 1aSale: Graeme & Wife to Lord Harewood1795Graham
2/8 no. 2Letter from Deborah Thornhill to Edward Lascelles (the new Lord Harewood) concerning the 'benevolence' of the previous Lord Harewood and how he helped her
[COMMENT: Mentions sale of Negroes]
2/6 no. 5Letter of John Prettyjohn to E. Lascelles concerning Lord Harewood's attorneys in Barbados1795Tobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
2/8 no. 3Letter from John Prettyjohn concerning collection of letters and documents in Barbados for executor of late Lord Harewood1795Tobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
2/14 no. 2Statement of account of Richmond plantation1795Tobago: Richmond & Goodwood Pl.
3/122Lascelles to William Bishop, Jonathan Worrell & John Cobham: general power of attorney to manage estates in Barbados1795Barbados: Attorneys: General
2/4 no. 8Letter of John Worrell to Edward Lascelles about being one of his attorneys in Barbados1795Barbados: Attorneys: General
2/4 no. 5Letter of W. Bishop to Edward Lascelles acknowledging power of attorney in Barbados1795Barbados: Attorneys: W. Bishop
3/121Plan of land sold in Barbados and connected letter1795Barbados: General
2/4 no. 9Letter of Mr Elliot to Lord Harewood concerning his attorneys in Barbados1795London Commission Merchants: Elliot
2/6 no. 21Elizabeth Beckles to Edward Lascelles concerning his estates in trust1795London Commission Merchants: Beccles Trust
2/4 no. 6Letter of John Cobham to Edward Lascelles concerning his receipt of the act of attorney1795London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/4 no. 6Letter of John Cobham to Edward Lascelles concerning his receipt of the act of attorney1795London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/4 no. 7Joint letter from his attorneys to Samuel Went offering him agency of his plantations
[COMMENT: Fees given and all estates mentioned by name]
1795Barbados: Attorneys: S. Went
Bdle 5 1bDeposition of Ralph Dunn concerning Graeme seal on an indenture1794Graham
2/14 no. 3Statement of accounts of Goodwood plantation1793Tobago: Richmond & Goodwood Pl.
Bdle 5 no. 9Bargain & Sale Went & Lascelles
[COMMENT: Abutting Bell plantation]
3/57Release of an annuity: Ireland to Lord Harewood1791One-off Account Papers
3/131Agreement: Clarke and Harewood
[COMMENT: With 1770 copy of indentured mortgage of Henry Beckles and wife & Daniel Lascelles]
1790Clarke, Gedney
2/9 no. 6Abstract of account of Williamsfield & Nightingale Grove plantations1790-1796Jamaica: Williamsfield Plantation
2/14 no. 1Account of proceeds of Lord Harewood's estates in Barbados1790-1796Barbados: General
3/85Account of William Blenman with Lord Harewood1789Blenman
Bdle 5 no. 6Costs for case in chancery Lascelles v. Elizabeth Green et al1788Green
3/80Account: Grant Elcock with Edwin Lord Harewood1788-1795One-off Account Papers
2/1 no. 9Petition of J. Francklyn to the governor of Tobago for an appeal against a decree to pay the demand of Mr Willison1788Tobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
3/4Agreement of assignment in Barbados to Lascelles1788Barbados: General
2/1 no, 5Concerning case of Thomas Willison and ?Franck Lyn
[COMMENT: In French]
1788London Commission Merchants: General
3/9Henry Frere to Lascelles: lease for a year1787Frere
3/11Release and sale: Henry Frere to Lascelles1787Frere
3/4Agreement & appraisment: Henry Frere & Lascelles1787Frere
Bdle 6 no. 13Release: Henry Frere to Edwin Lascelles1787Frere
3/20William Daling & Edwin Lascelles: sale of land1787General Administrative Papers
Bdle 8 no. 3Account of William Blenman with Lord Harewood1786Blenman
Bdle 10 no. 6Decree in chancery copy in Daling c. Sober1785Sober
Bdle 10 12b & 12aRequest to Charles Braudford for opinion on Mr Sober's estate with opinion that entail is docked1785Sober
Bdle 10 11a & 11bRequest to William Marr for opinion on estate of John Sober with opinion that entail is docked & with wrapper1785Sober
Bdle 10 no. 18Case concerning entail of Mr Sober's plantation1785Sober
3/42Bundle of slave bills of slaves purchased for Belle Plantation1785Barbados: Belle Plantation
Bdle 6 no. 7Accounts
[COMMENT: Noting that by this William Blenman owes to Lord Harewood £75 11d & note the Tobago account is inadequate to pay this
3/113Deed of sale for 17 slaves Breman to Daling1784Blenman
3/84Sale of land for Belle Plantation1784Barbados: Belle Plantation
Bdle 1 no. 18Cover for accounts of Gedney Clarke & L&D1783Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 7 no. 27Bill of costs for defendants (Lascelles et al) in case against James Marshall et al1783One-off Account Papers
Bdle 10 no. 3Execution of William Haggart1782Haggart
Bdle 1 no. 14Execution of William Haggart1782Haggart
Bdle 7 no. 30Following execution sale of a Negro to Daniel Lascelles1782Barbados: Slave sales/exchanges
Bdle 10 no. 9aDecree in case of Lascelles c. Sober1781Sober
Bdle 8 no. 6Judgement in Lascelles v. William Blenman: judgement against defendant as execturo of Johnathan Benman1781Blenman
Bdle 7 no. 24bAccounts for sale of 3 casks of sugar at account of John Clarke from Lascelles & Daling1781Clarke, John
Bdle 10 no. 28Assignment Gittes to Lascelles & Daling1781One-off Account Papers
Bdle 10 no. 7Sober c. West, Workman & Prettyjohn letter of attorney1780Sober
Bdle 5 no. 3Agreement Sober with Lascelles and Daling1780Sober
Bdle 8 no. 17 & 17bWill of Jonathan Blenman (part missing) [pre-1781 see Bdle 8 no. 6 for part c]
[COMMENT: Including bequest of negro slave]
Bdle 1 no. 21Account of interest due on legacy of Jonathan Blenman 1780 "power to answer an amiable degree for legacy to Timothy Blenman"1780Blenman
Bdle 8 no. 17a, 17b, 17cWill of Jonathan Blenman (part missing) [pre-1781 see Bdle 8 no. 6 for part c]
[COMMENT: Including bequest of negro slave]
Bdle 1 no. 6Notes about paying off Clarke's debts and sale of plantation up to 17801780Clarke, Gedney
3/1Sale of Belle Plantation to Lascelles & Daling by Thomas Workmen1780Barbados: Belle Plantation
Bdle 7 no. 24fCurrent account of John Clarke with Lascelles & Daling
[COMMENT: Includes sugar transported and fees for case against him]
1779-1780Clarke, John
Bdle 1 no. 12Accounts current of Mr Isaac de Liza with Lascelles & Daling1779One-off Account Papers
Bdle 7 no. 5Bill of sale for slave1779Barbados: Slave sales/exchanges
3/126Sober to Lascelles and Daling: agreement to pay debts and all costs etc in London1778Sober
Bdle 10 no.4Execution of John Sober1778Sober
Bdle 9 no. 9Decree of Chancellor Price against Sober et al1778Sober
Bdle 1 no. 1Account James Butler dec. to L & D1778Butcher
3/129Lascelles et al c. Green & Trustees: decretal order and memorandum of possession1778Green
Bdle 7 no. 24eAccount for sales of 4 casks of sugar imported on account of John Clarke Esq1778Clarke, John
Bdle 7 no. 15Execution of John Clarke1778Clarke, John
Bdle 7 no. 24aAccounts of John Clarke with Lascelles and Daling1778-1781Clarke, John
Bdle 7 no. 24c & dCurrent accounts of John Clarke with Lascelles & Daling1778-1781Clarke, John
Bdle 7 no. 28Bill of sale for Negroes1778Barbados: Slave sales/exchanges
Bdle 6 no. 3Execution of Henry Fisher Feb1777Fisher
Bdle 10 no. 1Inventory of John Sober
[COMMENT: Including his slaves]
Bdle 10 no. 8Execution of John Sober1777Sober
Bdle 8 no. 7Release of money on Walryns Plantation Jordan to Blenman1777Blenman
Bdle 7 no. 6Judgement against Gedney Clarke
[COMMENT: Concerning Gedney Clarke senior his will and money he owed to the king as collector of duties]
1777Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 9 7a-fSheet form case Gedney Clarke c. Peter Clarke1777Clarke, Gedney
3/14Inventory of Belle Plantation
[COMMENT: Slaves not listed by name just grouped]
1777Barbados: Belle Plantation
Bdle 8 no. 8Deed of appointment W. Blenman to J. Blenman1776Blenman
Bdle 8 no. 10Bond J. Blenman to Lascelles1776Blenman
3/8Mortgage: Gedney Clarke to the Crown1776Clarke, Gedney
3/33Judgement & Mortgage: executors of Gedney Clarke to the King1776Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 1 no. 15Bond Thomas Cayre (? Name damaged) to Lascelles1776One-off Account Papers
Bdle 9 5c, e & fAccounts of Rebecca Mapp
[COMMENT: Mentions spice shipped]
Bdle 9 5f & gLascelles & Daling contra Mapp, costs1775Mapp
Bdle 9 no. 1aAccount pf Mr Jos. Price proved1775Price
3/63List of judgements on record in island of Tobago against Gedney Clarke1775Clarke, Gedney
3/119Statement of account of estate of late Gedney Clarke with Lascelles, Clarke & Daling1775Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 8 no. 15 & 15bAllowance & approving of writings annexed, principally will of Margaret Blenman (dated 1772), by Steven & Gostling1774Blenman
Bdle 8 no 11Execution of William Blenman1774Blenman
Bdle 8 no. 19Will of Miss Caroline Blenman1774Blenman
Bdle 8 no. 5Copy bond and letter of attorney from William Blenman to confess judgment in Tobago1774Blenman
Bdle 2 no. 2Bill of costs for Gabriel Ford and Thomas Sullivan (? Name damaged) to Lascelles and Daling1774Ford
Bdle 9 no. 5aCase c. Mr Moore & Co.1774Moore
3/28Case: Lascelles c. Pigott1774Pigott
Bdle 1 no. 5Case concerning Gedney Clarke1774Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 9 no. 3aMemorandum of Lascelles & Daling and Cobham concerning money owed1774One-off Account Papers
Bdle 1 no. 3Account current of Henry Fisher with Lascelles & Daling1773-1774Fisher
Bdle 6 no. 16Accounts owed to Dr Henry Fisher for prosecution of suit: Fisher with Lascelles, Fisher with Lascelles & Daling1773Fisher
Bdle 9 no. 3bCopies of docs rel to sale of Walker estates1773Walker
2/14/7Account of Lord Harewood's demand on estate of Timothy Blenman1773Blenman
Bundle 8 no. 12Execution of William Blenman1773Blenman
Bdle 8 no. 13Account of Timothy Blenman to Lascelles1773Blenman
Bdle 9 no. 1bLetter (copies) Price & Shepherd concerning debt1773Price
Bdle 10 no. 21Accounts of Ralph & Nathaniel Weekes dec to Lascelles & Daling
[COMMENT: With list of specialities]
Bdle 10 no. 19Account current of Nathaniel Weekes with Lascelles & Daling1773-1774Weekes
Bdle 9 no. 3cJudgement accounts Nathan Lucas to L&D1773Lucas
Bdle 9 no. 4Copy of agreement for sale of Clarke's Court Estate1773Clarke, Gedney
3/130Proving of account of John Wickham1773One-off Account Papers
Bdle 2 no. 7Account of Daniel Lascelles1773-1774General Administrative Papers
3/133Indenture: sale of land and slaves Robert Backbury (? Name damaged) and Henry Frere
[COMMENT: Slaves named]
3/16Indenture (?sale) Frere to Hunt1772Frere
3/31Release: Beckles to Frere1772Frere
3/12Sampson Hunt to Henry Frere: deed for land1772Frere
Bdle 9 5hAccounts of Rebecca Mapp to Lascelles & Daling1772Mapp
Bdle 8 no. 14Bond T. Blenman to Lascelles1772Blenman
Bdle 10 no. 26Proving accounts of J. Dotin/Doton and copy of accounts1772Dotton
Bdle 5 no. 8Release: Gedney Clarke to Edwin & Daniel Lascelles & William Daling1772Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 9 no. 6Deed of covenant: Gedney Clarke to L&D1772Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 8 no. 16Bond Timothy Blenman to Lascelles & Daling1771Blenman
Bdle 9 no. 2Memo entered into with Joseph Price on his assigning his decree in chancery to Lascelles & Daling1771Price
Bdle 10 no. 17aAccounts of Nathaniel & Ralph Weekes, dec., with Lascelles & Daling1771-1776Weekes
Bdle 10 no. 25aAccount current of Susannah Husbands1771-1772Husbands
Bdle 7 no. 7Certificate of documents of Gedney Clarke found in secretary's office in Barbados1771Clarke, Gedney
3/13Inventory of sundries on Clarkes Court Plantation belonging to Gedney Clarke
[COMMENT: Buildings and all slaves named]
1771Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 1 no. 8List of judgements found against Gedney Clarke1771-1774Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 7 no. 31Current account of John Clarke with Lascelles & Daling
[COMMENT: Including cash paid for loading & cartage of a pipe of Madeira wine]
1771Clarke, John
Bdle 7 no. 3Proving of accounts of Thomas Sulivan
[COMMENT: Note on reverse: cause settled and paid 1773. Bill of costs for cause included]
1771One-off Account Papers
3/71Execution of Tobias Frere & copy of costs1770Frere
Bdle 7 no. 20Receipt (from Daniel Lascelles attorney) for papers received relating to Walker family (executions, assignments in trust etc)1770Walker
Bdle 6 no. 12Letter Daniel Lascelles to Timothy Blenman, Messrs Stevenson & West. Notification that has received debt and interest due from estate of Dr Alexander Bruce and requesting handing over of securities for debt1770Blenman
Bdle 3 no. 11Account current of James Grassett with Daniel Lascelles1770-1771Grassett
Bdle 10 no. 25eProving accounts of Richard Husbands1770Husbands
Bdle 9 no. 3eAccount of Nathan Lucas1770-1771Lucas
3/48Defeazance: Lascelles & Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
3/49Defeazance: Daling to Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
3/50Defeazance: Lascelles & Daling to Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
3/52List of books & papers pertaining to estate of Gedney Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 7 no. 10Indenture between Edwin Lascelles as executor of Edward Lascelles & Gedney Clarke as executor of Gedney Clarke
[COMMENT: Gedney Clarke confessed judgement to Edwin of £15079 17s 1½d, agreement made for payment of sum
1770Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 7 no. 9Defeazance: Daniel Lascelles & Gedney Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
3/64Defeazance: Lascelles to Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
3/66Defeazance: Daling to Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
3/68Defeazance: Lascelles to Clarke1770Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 1 no. 7Statement of debt of Gedney Clarke to Lascelles1770-1773Clarke, Gedney
3/56Statement of debt of Gedney Clarke1770-1773Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 7 11a & 11bStatement of debts of estate of Gedney Clarke to Edwin Lascelles1770-1774Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 1 no. 9 (2nd copy)1770-1774Clarke, Gedney
3/32Statement of debt: Gedney Clarke to Lascelles, Clarke & Daling1770-1774Clarke, Gedney
3/83Statement of debt of Gedney Clarke with David Lascelles1770-1774Clarke, Gedney
3/51Order for payment to Daniel Lascelles1770General Administrative Papers
3/82List of papers belonging to the estate of Henry Lascelles1770General Administrative Papers
3/78List of papers belonging to estate of George Maxwell & to Lascelles & Daling1770General Administrative Papers
3/36Bundle of executions - 1770s & 80s1770-1789General Administrative Papers
Bdle 10 no. 18 (?18a)Accounts of Estate of Ralph Walker dec. & Norah Weeks dec with Lascelles & Daling1769-1771Walker
Bdle 10 no. 2Execution of John Sober1769Sober
Bdle 10 no. 20Account current of Ralph Weekes1769Weekes
Bdle 10 no. 24Account current of Nathaniel Weekes with L&D1769-1770Weekes
Bdle 10 no. 22Account current of Nathaniel Weekes dec with L&D1769-1773Weekes
3/89Current account of Richard Green with Lascelles & Daling1769Green
Bdle 1 no. 19Account Gedney Clarke to Lascelles1769Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 2 no. 16John Clarke account with Bairstow & Winterbottom1769Clarke, John
3/55 & 3/54List of debts owed to Lascelles & Maxwell and to estate of Henry Maxwell1769General Administrative Papers
Bdle 3 no. 114Account of debts in Barbados of Lascelles & Daling and their instructions about them1769General Administrative Papers
Bdle 7 no. 23Execution of Tobias Frere1768Frere
3/74Execution of Tobias Frere1768Frere
Bdle 8 no. 21Bond Blenman to Lascelles1768Blenman
Bdle 10 no. 15Account current of estate of Nath Weekes with Lascelles & Daling1768-1769Weekes
Bdle 7 no. 13Accounts Gedney Clarke owed to Lascelles & Daling1768-1769Clarke, Gedney
Bdle 10 no. 25bLetter William Husbands to Lascelles & Daling concerning account1767Husbands
Bdle 2 no. 6Account current of Thomas Ogilivie with Lascelles & Daling1767-1769One-off Account Papers
Bdle 10 no. 23Account current of Ralph Weekes with L & D1766-1769Weekes
Bundle 6 no. 4Assign by Edward Bruce of a certain judgment on James Callin to Daniel Lascelles1766Bruce
Bdle 8 no. 20Receipt of Miss Lascelles1766General Administrative Papers
Bdle 7 no. 12Account of money received by Gedney Clarke & due to Daniel Lascelles1766-1769General Administrative Papers
Bdle 7 4bAccounts current Henry Fisher with Lascelles Clarke & Daling1765-1773Fisher
Bdle 7 1dAccount current of Henry Fisher with Lascelles, Clarke & Daling1765Fisher
Bdle 9 5bRebecca Mapp letter to Lascelles & Daling concerning estates & pennystone1765Mapp
Bdle 7 no. 25Copy of letter: to undertake for James Butcher Esq as to office of clerk or public notary of courts of common pleas in Barbados1765Butcher
Bdle 10 no. 13Proving of Nathaniel Weekes' account1765Weekes
Bdle 10 no. 14Proving of Ralph Weekes' account1765Weekes
Bundle 6 no. 6Accounts: Rev Mr Edward Brace to Daniel Lascelles as executor of George Maxwell1765Bruce
Bdle 10 no. 25cLetter Barbara Husbands to Lascelles & Daling concerning debts1765Husbands
Bdle 2 no. 5Account current of John Moor with Lascelles, Clarke & Daling1765Moore
Bdle 2 no. 15Accounts; Gedney Clarke to Francis Holdbuy and to Sarah Huxley1765-1773Clarke, Gedney
3/59Payment of money by Butcher, Wood & Southbrook to Lascelles1765General Administrative Papers
Bdle 2 no. 4Receipt of Lascelles & Daling1765General Administrative Papers
Bdle 1 no. 4Transfer of executorship of James Cattin to William Haggart1764Haggart
3/2Release Gosling to Lascelles1764Gosling
Bdle 10 no. 25dLetter from Richard Husbands to L&D concerning accounts and finance1764Husbands
3/135Proving of account of John Thorne with Lascelles & Maxwell1764Thorne
3/61Account of James Catler with Lascelles1764-1772One-off Account Papers
Bdle 3 no. 10List of papers received from Gedney Clarke concerning Captain Hoton for Daniel Lascelles1764One-off Account Papers
Bdle 7 1cAccount current of Henry Fisher with Lascelles, Clarke & Daling1763-1764Fisher
Bdle 7 no. 14Execution of Abel Walker1763Walker
3/98Warrant of attorney: Abel Walker to Lascelles, Clarke & Daling1763Walker
Bdle 10 no. 27Assignment of legacies Sober to Gibbes Junior1763Sober
Bdle 10 no. 16Defeazance: Gedney Clarke for L&D to Ralph Weekes et al1763Weekes
Bdle 4 no. 17Letter: Daniel Lascelles to Gedney Clarke concerning return of securities after payment of debt of deceased Charles Hutton1763General Administrative Papers
3/124Mortgage: Tobias Frere to William Yeo1762Frere
Bdle 6 no. 8Assignment of mortgage of John Gallop1762Gallop
Bdle 6 no. 10Letter to Gedney Clarke Esq asking him to deliver to Thomas Stevenson a bond 'from my late father' for £500 Barbados currency dated 1749, letter dated Sept 17621762Scott
3/93Assignment on William Henery against George Hogshead1762Henery
3/99Memorandum from Lascelles to William Henery concerning money owed1762Henery
3/39Debts of William Croydon to estate of Edward Lascelles1762One-off Account Papers
Bdle 10 no. 9a & 9bConveyance to dock an entail Sober to Estwick1761Sober
Bdle 10 no. 10 a & 10bCopy of indenture Estwick & John Sober, reconveyance to dock an entail1761Sober
3/100Release: Millerson to Maxwell1761One-off Account Papers
Bdle 8 no.4Concerning payment of debt by Benjamin Charnock1760Charnock
3/134Proving of account of John Thorne with Lascelles & Maxwell1760Thorne
Bdle 2 no. 11Letter from Gedney Clarke to Rouse & Dalton concerning William Walker1759Walker
Bundle 2 no. 20Account current of Thomasin Harper1759-1760Harper
Bundle 7 no. 8Account current of Thomasin Harper with Lascelles & Maxwell1759-1760Harper
Bdle 2 no. 21Lascelles & Maxwell to William Walker: letter concerning debt he owes1758Walker
3/96William Henery's account to Lascelles1758-1762Henery
3/97William Henery's account of estate of Henry Lascelles1758-1762Henery
3/29Receipt: money from Francis Ford1758Ford
3/77Francis Ford: obligation to pay1758Ford
3/107Receipt for bond of Francis Ford1758Ford
3/112Letter from Gedney Clarke concerning assignment of decree of Sarah Osbourne1758Osbourne
Bdle 2 ?Account current of Anthony Lynch with Daniel Lascelles1758Lynch
Bdle 2 no. 19Accounts of James Straker to H. Lascelles' estate1758One-off Account Papers
3/108Receipt for money from Daniel Lascelles1758General Administrative Papers
Bdle 4 no. 24Account current of James Grassett with Lascelles & Maxwell1757Grassett
Bundle 2 no. 25Account with estate of Henry Lascelles of Mrs Thomazin Harper1757Harper
Bundle 2 no. 13Letter from Gedney Clarke to Thomasin Harper concerning debts not paid regularly1757Harper
3/40Execution of John Charnock1757Charnock
3/45Bill of costs John Charnock to Straker1757Charnock
Bdle 3 no. 13Receipt to Anthony Lynch signed Gedney Clarke for Lascelles1757Lynch
Bdle 3 no. 2Account of Conrad Adams, deceased, to Henry Lascelles1757One-off Account Papers
Bdle 2 no. 17Account current of John Bransford to Daniel Lascelles1757-1759One-off Account Papers
Bdle 2 no. 23Letter: Lascelles to Gedney Clarke notifying Mr Worrell having paid debt on judgement1757One-off Account Papers
Bdle 3 no. 104Bill of sale for slave of Martin Castle1757Barbados: Slave sales/exchanges
Bdle 7 no. 18Bill of sale for Negroes of Tobias Frere
[COMMENT: Twenty Negroes named]
Bdle 3 no. 16Receipts for shipping rum by James Grassett in 'his own ship'
[COMMENT: Master named]
Bdle 3 no. 20Receipts for shipping of sugar by James Grassett
[COMMENT: Ship and master named]
Bdle 4 no. 24cAccount of James Grassett for money disbursed on account of suits 1756-7 and for debt on judgment assigned with Lascelles & Maxwell1756-1757Grassett
Bdle 4 24bAccounts current (for which 2nd judgment stands security) James Grassett with Lascelles and Maxwell1756-1757Grassett
Bdle 1 no. 13Letter John Osbourne Bruce to Gedney Clarke concerning payment to Maxwell1756Bruce
3/46Execution of John Charnock1756Charnock
3/27Assignment of judgements: Charnock to Maxwell1756Charnock
Bdle 6 no. 5Frances Atherley to Daniel Lascelles et al deed of assignment1756One-off Account Papers
Bdle 7 no. 17Execution of John Atherley junior1756One-off Account Papers
Bdle 1 no. 10Letter John Osbourne Bruce to Gedney Clarke concerning payment of debt1755Bruce
3/79Execution of Henry Thornhill1755Thornhill
Bdle 3 no. 8Letter to Gedney Clarke from Eliz Holder asking for account for asset bills sent to him1755General Administrative Papers
Bdle 3 no. 6Letter to Gedney Clarke concerning shipping of sugar from Lascelles estate1755General Administrative Papers
Bdle 2 no. 9Notification to D. Lascelles of agreement of account by Gallop
[COMMENT: and note that £30 & 8 casks of sugar will make it]
3/110Receipt for an assignment of a decree of Sarah & James Osbourne1754Osbourne
Bdle 2 no 8Letter to Gedney Clarke concerning price of Lascelles rum1754General Administrative Papers
Bdle 2 no. 24Letter to Gedney Clarke from Daniel Lascelles1754General Administrative Papers
Bdle 1 no. 17Grant of probate of Henry Lascelles, and grant of power to inventory his estate1754General Administrative Papers
Bdle 1 no. 2Henry Thornhill's accounts to Henry Lascelles estate1753-1754Thornhill
Bdle 2 no. 22Letter of Gedney Clarke to William Gibbs concerning estate of Small Hopes1753General Administrative Papers
Bdle 4 no. 16Assignment of Kingsby mortgage & judgement Lascelles & Maxwell to James Clarke1752Clarke, James
Bdle 4 no. 1Bond: George Petrie and Andrew Hunter to Henry Lascelles1752One-off Account Papers
Bdle 3 no. 9Bond: Thomas Fenwick & John Harrison to Maxwell & Lascelles1752One-off Account Papers
Bdle 3 no. 14Receipt from Gedney Clarke for money from Penelope Nesbett1751Nesbett
Bdle 4 no. 5Receipt for money from George Maxwell signed P. Nesbett1751Nesbett
Bdle 3 no. 3Memorandum rel to James Grassett1751Grassett
3/76Account of William Maynard, executor of Elizabeth Bullard, with Henry Lascelles1751One-off Account Papers
Bdle 4 no. 4Letter Maxwell to Thomas Stevenson concerning bills and accounts in case of Mrs Osbourne — but making interesting mention of Capt Nesbitt & his widow's circumstances1750-1759Nesbett
Bdle 4 no. 10Fragment of letter from Thomas Stevenson concerning business — used in case of Lascelles & Maxwell c. Mrs Nesbett1750Nesbett
Bdle 4 20bThomas Bowden's affidavit concerning Coutts receipt 1750 (see Bdle 4 no. 20b)1750Nesbett
Bdle 4 no. 12Letter Maxwell to Penelope Nesbett, concerning debts owed1749Nesbett
Bdle 4 no. 14Account of assets raised by Penelope Nesbitt widow of James Nesbitt of Barbados
[COMMENT: Including sale of five Negro slaves]
Bdle 4 no. 13Inventory and valuation of James Grassett's estate1749Grassett
3/70Braithwaite to Lascelles & Maxwell: defeazance1749Braithwaite
3/60Braithwaite to Maxwell: defeazance1749Braithwaite
Bdle 3 no. 7Receipt for Lascelles & Maxwell with Blut (? Damaged name)1749One-off Account Papers
Bdle 7 no. 26Bond John Grassett in debt to Lascelles & Maxwell
[COMMENT: Notes (standard) right to carry off negro or mulatto slaves]
Bdle 4 no. 2Lascelles & Maxwell letter to John Grassett to say Grassett cause in Commons is completely lost1748Grassett
Bdle 4 no. 23Letter: John Luck to James Grassett concerning account of John Millington
[COMMENT: With receipts]
3/67Bond: Grassett to Lascelles & Maxwell1748Grassett
Bdle 3 nos. 17, 21Accounts of James Grassett with Lascelles & Maxwell1748-1752Grassett
Bdle 1 no. 16Account of Henry Lascelles with Jos. Blackman1747-1749One-off Account Papers
Bdle 3 no. 1Execution of Richard Austin1747One-off Account Papers
Bdle 4 no. 8Penelope Nesbett's account to Lascelles & Nesbett, 1746, with note added 25 Aug 1751 of interest as she refused to pay1746Nesbett
3/139Covering letter to Thomas Stevenson concerning James Grassett with account and notif of execution
[COMMENT: Also concerning sales of casks of rum]
Bdle 3 no. 4Execution of Birch Hollinsall1746One-off Account Papers
3/103Account of 'the said estate' (not shown) to estate of Edward Lascelles1746One-off Account Papers
Bdle 3 no.24Collection of bonds and executions against several people with wrapper1746-1751General Administrative Papers
Bdle 4 no. 20bDeposition of Thomas Bowden (cover only) Letter to Gedney Clarke from P. Nisbett concerning payment of debt to be made 1750. Receipt from Coutts for George Maxwell on account of deceased James Nisbett1745Nesbett
Bdle 4 no. 9Assignment of executorship of Robert Scott of Barbados to Mr Bexwell Ball from John Stevenson1745Scott
Bdle 4 no. 6Assignment by John Stevenson of executorship of Robert Scott to Mr Dixwell & Mrs Jane Ball1745Scott
3/137Papers from case of John & James Grassett & Ann Millington (dec intestate) concerning latter's estate1743Grassett
Bdle 4 no. 3Letter Henry Lascelles to his brother Edward (London to Barbados) concerning business1743General Administrative Papers
Bdle 3 no. 2List of Negroes on plantation called Evans, 1743 or 8 (unclear)1743-1748Barbados: General
Bdle 4 no. 22Account current James Nisbitts with George Maxwell1742Nesbett
Bdle 2 no. 18Memorandum concerning William Walker & entering satisfaction on him1741Walker
Bdle 7 no. 19Execution of William Walker1741Walker
Bdle 3 no. 23Assignment: George North to Henry Lascelles1741One-off Account Papers
3/62Account Abel Walker to John Sober1739-1741Walker
Bdle 6 no. 15Memorandum William Walker & Edward Lascelles attorney of Henry Lascelles concerning money owed (v. blurred writing). On reverse, accounts 1738-1741 of payment of a balance of interest on a bond of Lascelles to William Walker1738-1741Walker
Bdle 5 no. 11Release of equity of redemption William Walker to Abel Walker
[COMMENT: Refers to redemption of Apes Hill & Hog Lane Plantation, Negroes etc.]
3/19Release of land: William Walker to Abel walker1738Walker
3/88William Walker to Abel Walker: lease of land1738Walker
3/127Proving of account of M..der (damaged) with Lascelles1737One-off Account Papers
Bdle 3 no. 19Account of estate1736Barbados: General
Bdle 7 no. 16Will of Joseph Dotton of Barbados
[COMMENT: Includes bequest of slaves to youngest daughter when she is 18]
Bdle 2 no. 3Bill of costs & debt of Joseph Houses to L&D1734One-off Account Papers
Bdle 7 no. 22Execution of William Walker1733Walker
Bdle 7 no. 21Execution of William Walker1733Walker
Bdle 6 no. 17Walker to Walker: release1726Walker
Bdle 3 no. 15List of judgments against Hothersall1712-1739Hothersall
Bdle 8 no. 18Assignment Blenman to Lascelles1708Blenman
Bdle 3 no. 5Will of B. Hothersall of Barbados
[COMMENT: Bequest of his plantations]
Bdle 6 no. 18Testimony in suit of William Bouchier c. John GrassettGrassett
Bdle 7 no. 42 accounts current of Henry Fisher with LascellesFisher
3/5Release Frere to GoslingFrere
3/90Copy of Abel Walker's willWalker
Bdle 7 no. 2Walker to Walker leaseWalker
Bdle 4 no. 21Covering letter for enclosures concerning James Nesbett & MaxwellNesbett
Bdle 4 no. 18Master of Chancery's report on Nesbitt — enclosure for Bdle 4 no. 12Nesbett
3/7Assignment of legacy Sober to LascellesSober
Bdle 3 no. 18Receipts for shipping of sugar by James Grassett
[COMMENT: Ship and master named[
Bdle 4 no. 15Bond John Grassett & Benjamin Carleton to James Grassett (now deceased) & his executors
[COMMENT: Concerning division of recovered lands and money]
Bdle 4 no. 19Release of a legacy: John Grassett to James GrassettGrassett
3/10Green to Gosling: lease for a yearGosling
3/125Assignment: Gent to LascellesWent
3/44Went to Lord Harewood releaseWent
3/106Agreement between Lord Harewood and Thomas WentWent
Bdle 1 no. 11Copy of decree in chancery concerning Husbands & JordanHusbands
3/86Account of John Thomas with Lascelles & MaxwellThomas
3/117Account of John Thomas with Lascelles & MaxwellThomas
3/24Defeazance: Lascelles to William HeneryHenery
Bdle 2 no. 1Bill of Costs: Lascelles et al c. PigottPigott
Bdle 7 no. 29Bill of sale for Negroes of James PigottPigott
Bdle 6 no. 11 a, b, cCopies of an assignment of judgement of mortgage from R. Gerling against R. Green & wife to Lascelles, Clarke & DalingGreen
Bdle 1 no. 22Copy of case from London concerning Gedney Clarke's affairsClarke, Gedney
3/65Defeazance: Lascelles to ClarkeClarke, Gedney
3/73Schedule of slaves on Gedney Clarke's plantationClarke, Gedney
3/132Indenture (copy): Gedney Clarke & King
[COMMENT: Incomplete]
Clarke, Gedney
2/6 no. 10To Mr Hungerford from Lord Harewood concerning former's mortgageOne-off Account Papers
Bdle 2 no. 12Accounts & bills of costs: John Welch to Lascelles et alOne-off Account Papers
3/25Execution: Braw to Catlia (? Names hard to read)One-off Account Papers
Bdle 4 no. 7Letter to George Maxwell concerning John Millington & Nicholas Stout, from John StoutOne-off Account Papers
3/123Sale Gretton Cox to Edwin LascellesOne-off Account Papers
3/115Synot (?damaged) to Lascelles & DalingOne-off Account Papers
Bdle 2 no. 4Sealed note Alleyne to Lascelles & Maxwell for £165 5s 9d
[COMMENT: Sealed and tied]
One-off Account Papers
3/38Notification of receipt of money owed by William EastOne-off Account Papers
Bdle 6 no. 2Bill of specialties Messrs Lascelles & DalingGeneral Administrative Papers
Bdle 3 no. 12Notes of accounts of several individuals. No date.General Administrative Papers
2/6 no. 19Unaddressed unsigned copy of letter concerning cases and Lord Harewood. No date.General Administrative Papers
2/6 no. 18Unaddressed unsigned copy of letter concerning claim made on the writer in a case. No date.General Administrative Papers
3/138List of papers belonging to Edward Lascelles as executor of Edwin Lord HarewoodGeneral Administrative Papers
3/118Conveyance Daling to Lascelles v. damagedGeneral Administrative Papers
3/72Memorandum of letters to write. No date.General Administrative Papers
3/128Bundle of bills of exchange purchased and money received on account of Lord HarewoodGeneral Administrative Papers
3/109Receipt for money paid to ClarkeGeneral Administrative Papers
3/37Judgement to Lascelles and Daling concerning estates in TobagoGeneral Administrative Papers
Bdle 6 no. 1List of papers relating to the specialities of Messrs Lascelles & DalingGeneral Administrative Papers
2/6 no. 20Account of expenses for sale of Kirton plantationBarbados: Kirkton Plantation
2/6 no. 24Copy of William Jordan's opinion on case sent to him concerning Mr Prettyjohn's claim on Lord Harewood about payment of judgementsTobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
Bdle 8 no. 9Minutes of sale of release of Equity of redemption of Mesopotamia PlantationTobago: Mesopotamia Plantation
Bdle 1 no. 20Bill of sale for slaveBarbados: Slave sales/exchanges
2/4 no. 1bLetter W. Bishop to John Wood concerning Mr Sober's estates and othersBarbados: Attorneys: W. Bishop
3/95Mr Went's proposals for agency of Barbados plantations
[COMMENT: Including Hole town]
Barbados: Attorneys: S. Went
2/3 no. 5Unaddressed and unsigned letter (?copy) concerning estate management of Barbados estate and malpractice amongst those entrusted with itBarbados: General
2/7 no. 3Notes on sale of sugar from Barbados — how managed and plans to modify this. No dateBarbados: General
2/6 no. 13Subscription request for Girl's School in St George's BarbadosBarbados: General
2/2 no. 1Letter of J. Nelson to Lord Harewood concerning work on Lord Harewood's estates in Barbados. No dateLondon Commission Merchants: J. Nelson
2/6 no. 16To Blenman and Cobham concerning estate management of Lord Harewood's estates
[COMMENT: Mentions Holetown]
London Commission Merchants: J. Cobham
2/6 no. 3Lord Harewood stating he has no need of Mr Napier's services at presentLondon Commission Merchants: General
2/13 no. 3Blank journal sheet for Lord Harewood pdLondon Commission Merchants: General
2/13 no. 4Red ink — note concerning sugar 13 March (no year)London Commission Merchants: General
2/1 no. 10Letter (? Copy — unaddressed and unsigned) concerning claims of Tobago estate proprietors on British governmentTobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/13 no. 5Memorial of Edwin Lascelles rel. to estates in TobagoTobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/7 no.4 & 2Memorial of John Braithwaite, agent for Barbados, 1800, and covering letter to same from Philip Gibbs (no year)Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/6 no.23b & aPd letter of memorialists to chancellor of exchequer concerning memorial of West Indian planters and merchants and copy of the memorial
[Both sent to Lord Harewood]
Tobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/3 no.4Copy of covering note (no date) with Ralph Woodford's letter to Lord MelvilleTobago & Barbados planters: appeals
2/6 no.12Notes about Tobago gentlemen's representative to go to France & what he is to obtainTobago & Barbados planters: appeals
Bdle 6 no. 11Rough sketch map of Hole Town plantation and poss. Proposed changes. No date
[COMMENT: Notes water course planning the cane fields & working the Negroes 'as separate gangs']
Barbados: Hole Town
2/11 no. 2Blank sheet of a journal for a plantation, pd
[COMMENT: With amendments, and on reverse a possible plan for similar for Lord Harewood]
London Commission Merchants: General